Wednesday, July 29, 2009


we had our cousins come visit from Arkansas. It was a quick trip but any time is good time. We love you guys, thanks for comming!!

24th of July

I'm a bit behind I know. The city of Lehi, on the 24th, had a bunch of fire trucks come down to the ball park and fill the field with foam! (the stuff the puts out fires) They had another truck spraying water to rinse off. They also had watermelon for everyone! So we went to check it out.
It was CRAZY with kids!
We then had cousins come down for a BBQ. Then off to the Joneses for fire works.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

my hard head

So Mitchell got mad and threw his sippie cup........hitting my head

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pinewood Durby

Aaron spent a good portion of 2 days looking for parts to make is car go the fastest. He was very proud of the final product and he did take 2nd place. Not much to look at but it was fast.

Anson loved getting involved and racing as much as Aaron.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kind of a sad day

As of the 4th of baby is no longer in a crib. He has been sleeping in his toddler bed that I just set up in his room and hasn't looked back. The sad part is that because he is my last, as he grows out of phases in his life I know I will never go through them again. (next is his binki)

Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July Activities

I have about 6 things to post about so I'm going to do one big post. Stay with me...
1. Started with the Lehi Round-up week of rodeo fun with motorcycle jumpers and buckin bulls. Aaron got sick and decided to stay home with Mitchell so we took Grandma!

2. A few parades. Anson walked in 2 of them with his dad. Morgan only made it 1x then opted to watch the second one. Our ward float took 1st place!

they were spiders
Bishop Butterfly

watching the parade with Lindy and Elle

Mitch and Curtis waiting for the parade to start

3. In the middle of all this Anson fell in the shower and got the wind knocked out of him and when I pulled back the shower curtis he was SCREAMING and he had this on his back.

4. We had a family Wilson picnic BBQ in a park and the park bordered a horse pasture. Well I was over with the kids looking at the horses and reached through the fence to pet the horse. I did not know it was an electric fence and I got shocked! It went through my whole body and settled in to my teeth ( my silver fillings that I still have). It took a minuet to shake it off and realize what had happened but after about 20 minuets I was good as new. I am glad that it was me and not a child.

5. The 4th of July we headed over to my parents for another BBQ and fireworks. We all had a great time and with no injuries.

Mitch wanted to grab the fire

Morgan had the perfect spot to watch
Anson learned how to light fireworks this year from Uncle Kyle

too loud for Mitch
Yeah for America!!