Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July week

This is going to be a huge hang in there. This week was a whirlwind of sun and cousins!! My brother Matt came into town from AZ with his family and my brother Kyle also flew in from Ohio so we all got to be together for a few days.
Well, we could not waist any time so we started on Sat. with a hike up to Bridal Veil falls. It was beautiful and sooooo crowded!

we took our shoes off and played in the freezing water below.
Dallan and Spencer climbed up the falls

butterflies were everywhere and the kids actually caught one

Mitch and cousin Elle with Aaron

my mom even made it with a broken foot!!
we all went back to grandmas to make up our own version of slip and slide in the back yard.
Monday morning we started at 6:30am with the balloon festival in Provo. I have never been down on the field that close before and it was AWESOME.

This balloon never took off cause it was so tall.

Anson got to touch the pink pig!

We then went out to breakfast and even caught some of the parade.
We then had a bbq at grandmas and more slip and slide while we waited for the dark.

Mitch and grandpa did some wrestling.

just starting in the back yard.

Tuesday we headed to our favorite pool....the Lindon Aquatic Center. Then back to grandma's for dinner. Wed. we headed out to the zoo and it was HOT.
The new baby Zuri elephant who stood with her back side like this the entire time.

We never miss the highlight of the zoo and that would be the bird show!! It's awesome!
and favorite animals at the zoo......
We took it easy and just played and ate for the next 2 days. Hope to see all the cousins next year. Thanks for the great memories! I love my family.