Sunday, February 10, 2008

I've been tagged....

So this is my first tag (that I have done), thanks Autumn, and it's about what is in my bag...
I'm afraid that I am a boring person, I really don't even like purses so I carry the smallest one that I possibly can.

* first is my franklin planner with my address book and credit cards and some photos and oh, my temple recomend.
* my cell phone
* my tide to go stick
* 2 different Mary Kay lip glosses
* tums :)
* dental floss sample from my last visit
* advil
* gum
* fabric samples that I have been trying to match for the last 4 months
* alot of change! (I carry change instead of bills)
* my red wallet that has more cards like Costco and gift cards go in there and coupons.

Other things like cleaning wipes and pens I keep in the car.

There you go. I really wish I had something fun in there. Now my mom's purse...... that thing IS the kitchen sink. It would take her hours just to empty it and put everything back in!

luv ya mom.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Aaron's "Lame-O" Music Express

This is a little disclaimer in regards to the music at the bottom of this blog. My sweet wife does not claim any of this music on this blog. She doesn't like most of it and has threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't take some of it off(sorry Snoopy, Dwight, and guys gotta go). I have always loved music since I was a very little boy. It has always brought a smile to my chubby face. I pride myself in loving a wide variety of music (except modern R&B/Rap, that stuff is just wrong). Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of these tunes. If you have any requests please let me know. I'm not allowed to play jazz so please don't ask. Marci thinks it sounds like Snoopy.

Love ya'll,


Anyone that can name the song that was on an episode of the Muppets gets a special prize.
I promise I won't post anything else on this blog.

Go Hogs!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008


Help me!!!!!!!

Morgan decided to draw on my beadspread with a pen bacause "she didnt have any paper". It would be a little better if it was on a darker piece of material or maybe off to the side, But NO, it is on the lightest material and right in plain sight!
So, I have tried shout, hairspray, rubbing alcohol, sol u mel from Melalucia and now Im fresh out of ideas. Anyone have any ideas? I'm desperate!