Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween fun...

this is Mitchell enjoying Cornbelly's

This is how Aaron takes photos of people on the slide.

the haunted monster!

crazy animals!!


We went out to Thanksgiving Point yesterday and had alot of fun! For those of you who have never been, I recommend it for your kids next year.There is so much to do, mazes, swings, hayrides, little tracktor rides, haunted monster, a chicken show, water duck races and a big pumkin patch, a big sand box but instead of sand it was corn! We will be going back next year for sure.
Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

6 months old!!! I remember Melissa writing about Jude at 6 months on her blog and I must agree that 6 months is great! He is such a happy baby and we really enjoy our "little Mitchy" as the kids call him. I really cant believe he is this old all ready. I wish they could stay little forever.

About a week before General Conference, a memorial was dedicated to Anson Call at This is the Place Monument. We all went to the dedication and Aaron's parents even came for the event. Dallan H Oaks spoke and gave the dedication and also Elder Tingy (sp?) was there and spoke as well. Anson had a lot of questions because everyone kept saying his name. It was very nice to learn about all that he did in his life and just how much our Anson now has on him to carry the name proudly.

If you read the church news last week there was a write up and a photo, we are in the photo but you have to look really hard.

Morgan's favorite!
the zebras

Time Off

I am really not the flashy writer what my sister-in-laws are. I have a hard time on what to say on this blog and I think that is why it is no where NEAR my priority list. I just dont have a way with words, so maybe I will just try photos, if I can remember how.

For now the update on our family is we are jobless. Aaron was layed off of EMC exactly one week ago and honestly he is very releved. He has not been happy there for some time, it has really gone down hill for him there so our 8 years of dedication, hard work and sweat have come to an end. It has been nice having him home, Im getting spoiled on being able to just leave him with the kids and take off. We are all enjoying having our dad around and it has been a much needed break cause we dont see him too much between work, scouts, primary activites, baptisms and meetings. So we went to the zoo the other day