Monday, September 13, 2010

lost tooth

She came down stairs after being sent to bed Sat. night and asked if I would pull out her tooth. So I did. Half hour later she comes back down and askes, "when is the tooth fairy comming?" She was sooo excited!

Then Monday after school she let me pull her other one that was also loose.

It was about time! Most her friends have lost teeth already and she was wondering if it would EVER happen to her.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

last bit of summer....

Thought I would post a few random pics I have as we end another glorious summer season.
I turned my kids into addicts. We will miss the sno cone runs!

crazy hail storm in August!!

happy Fathers Day to Aaron.
Notice the split. He was out side sitting in water and carrying around 10 extra pounds
we DID bid a fond farewell to diapers this month.

bug catching. We love bug season at our house.

first days of school. Anson 3rd grade, Morgan 1st grade and Mitch in pre school.

painting our shed

self portrait of silliness

Mitchell's ninja moves