Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A proud mommy!

Anson has earned his Wolf in scouting! He was very excited. For some reason all the boys had to be blind folded when they pinned it on their mom. Good thing I wore a thick sweater.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Thanksgiving in Arizona part 2

We did some fun crafts with the kids, but mostly it was cousins playing hard together out side on the tramp and in the backyard.

thanksgiving at the Wilsons

that night we had a movie in the backyard!
me and kyle

goofin round

we finally headed home at about 5:30 am on a Sat.

It was a great time had by all. We drove straight through, but this time we had Aaron to drive.

Arizona Thanksgiving part 1

We took off for Phoenix with my sister Callie and the kids driving for about 12 hours!

stopping in St George for the night at Grandpa's condo.
Our cousins have a fun swing in the backyard and Mitch just like to lay on it.
this was our thankful tree. We wrote on leaves what we were thankful for and stuck it on the tree.
Megan loved playing with her Uncle Aaron.
a really large engine we found at a park.

the kid's first time to see cactus. Cool.

look how big dragon flies get in Arizona!!

best buddies!