Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Morgan turns 7

Morgan had her birthday and she turned 7. Wow, where has the time gone? She is such a joy to our family and we are so glad to have her. We love you Boggs!

her favorite gift was an ipod shuffle. We put her favorite songs on it and she can just dance all she wants.

kidney stone

It all started with the symtoms of a UTI. Went to the Dr., got an antibiotic. When that didn't work, called the Dr for something stronger, didn't work. By now it was a Friday of course and I was NOT happy!! Went to the instacare on Sunday morning and they ordered a CT scan. So ended up at the hospital ER only to find......a Kidney Stone! 4 mm

called a Urologist on Monday, got in to see him and had surgery on Tues. at 6 am! It was stuck and because of it's size, they went in and got it. Needless to say..... a few days after that I'm feeling so much better!
The Dr let me keep it. :)

Camp Jeremiah Johnson

In June Anson got to go to scout day camp! This is a good time for all the boys. This year, I got to go to help out and we had a blast!

we played alot of games....

we learned to shoot bow and arrows...

we learned a few knots...

we even shot bb guns...

we paddled out on the lake in a raft...

and learned how to use a cumpus...

another year down

This year, I have to say that I really lucked out!! We had the most amazing teachers ever. Mrs. Penafiel for first grade.

and Miss Kathy Yerkes for 3rd grade. Love them both! Have a great summer and we will miss you. See you next year.


I put Morgan in dance at the beginning of the year with her friend Alli. This is her teacher Miss Amber who has a little dance studio in her home. Morgan has really liked it. She learned jazz and ballet.

In June they had their performance with 2 danced. The ballet was Tinkerbell and the jazz was to Miley Cyrus. She did great!

Mitchell takes swim...

I put Mitch in swim lessons while the kids were still in school to give him something to do. He did soooo good. He learned to dive and float and alot of safety techniques. His teacher , Alisha is amazing and was so patient.

I was so proud of him. After the first 5 lessons, he stopped crying and swallowing water and really started to really learn.

Mothers Day 2011

I had a great day for mothers day this year. I got to sleep in and Aaron and the kids made me breakfast. I even got the "special plate".

my favorite gift this year was this cute little pin that Mitchell made me in primary! I loved it!

spring soccer

Another soccer season came and went super fast! Spring soccer is crazy with so much going on but Anson did awesome and has really learned about the rules this year. Cant wait for the fall.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We got to have our cousins over for a few days.

And they are always a fun crowd.