Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our new shed

We have been talking and saving for this moment for a long time............and finally I can introduce our new Tuf-Shed!! We put her back in the corner of our back yard and she is REALLY going to help relieve her friend, the garage. Yea!

Lehi Parade

We have just finished with Lehi Round-up week which ended with our miniture float parade. Each ward in Lehi, (well there were 37) , makes a small float that the primary walks with along with the bishopbric and it gets judged according to the theme. The theme this year was
"guess what I saw....."
I got put on the float commity this year and got to be part of making our FIRST place float!! That's right, we took first place! I am very proud of our cute purple cow, Violet. She is made of paper mache, some chicken wire, a bit of wood for stability and 3 hoola hoops! We had some real talented people building her and it all payed off. We even made the Daily Harold!
Mitch was in his first parade and did great!! He had his little buddy Avery in the wagon with him.
my little farmer

1st place baby!! World famous purple cow. On the back of Aaron's shirt it says "got purple milk?"

Farmer Babcock

Anson, Aaron and I had to walk

Morgan secured a spot ON the float and loved that she had a camelback

Mitch waved to everyone through the whole parade!! It was sooo cute.

Violet the cow

notice the purple cow pie behind the cow...

we even had Cosmo in our parade!~

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Today my baby girl tuned 6!! She has grown so fast. I have absolutly loved having a girl and she brings such joy into our home. She is a little mother to her baby brother and likes everyone and will eat everything! She is funny and very thoughtful. We love you Morgan!! Thanks for choosing our family.

Her grandma Babcock made her this sweet blanket that matches her room perfectly

and this is my attempt at a "littlest Pet Shop cake".

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

simple pleasures

Anson: " I found a inchworm up the canyon today AND I got to try a new flavor of Kool aid today.....this is the best day ever!! "

I cant help but think what his "best day ever" will be in 10 more years....I hope it's something like "I got a 4.0 in school and I just finished reading the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time!! this is the best day ever"