Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Farewell to Sister Wilson

My fabulous sister got her mission call to Sacramento CA. ASL. She was so excited. We stopped by to say good bye. She entered the MTC Aug. 3 2011

this was at her " farewell Sunday after church party"

see you in 18 months....

Bear Lake 2011

we have been wanting to go to Bear Lake for the last 2 years and we finally did it! We packed up the trailer and got a great camp spot and invited our friends the Norbys to tag along with their tent.

Mitch dug himself a little hole and just hung out there for about 30 min. laying in the sun

Anson looked long and hard for some frogs he saw earlier.

we found LOTS of shells!

found these huge gross eggs in the water! Don't know what bird they

are from but Ithink the word would be "rotten". They smelt funny

rinsing off the sand!

we took a side venture to the Minnetonka cave! Very cool

the entrance was kinda scary. It started straight down into darkness!

at the very bottom of the cave with the Norby's

Morgan got more chocolate on her hands than in her mouth.

my buddy Kristin and I

we had to stop on our way out for the famous raspberry shakes! They were delicious. On a side note......Aaron has been enlightened on how to spell raspberry. He did not know there was a "p" in the word.

Best birthday ever!!

Last year my birthday was just crappy! I turned 40 and I had strep throat and I did nothing but be misserable. This year was the opposite! I hada great day. I got out and did some shopping and while I was looking for something in Hobby Lobby.......my friend Lynne (who is from Illinois) came up behind me and surprised me!! She had flown in for my birthday!! She got to stay for a few days so we went and got our hair done and did alot more shopping. She had planned this with Aaron and I had no idea.

Lynne is a friend from college and then a mission comp and then a co-worker. Needless to say, we have alot of history. She also grew up with Aaron! It was so great to see her and get caught up. Love U Lynne, thanks for comming!

Happy Anniversary to me!

So this year for our 13th year, Aaron surprised me with earrings! He went to Jared's!. (I always wanted to say that). Can't believe it has been that long. I love you Big A and sooo glad I have you forever! I couldn't ask for a better husband or father to my kids. Happy Anniversary.