Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Farewell to Sister Wilson

My fabulous sister got her mission call to Sacramento CA. ASL. She was so excited. We stopped by to say good bye. She entered the MTC Aug. 3 2011

this was at her " farewell Sunday after church party"

see you in 18 months....


Jason and Kristin said...

You have done some serious posting! Good job :)

tamzon.wilson@gmail.com said...

that brought a tear to my eye!!

Melissa said...

HOLY BLOG POSTING! I didn't realize you had put so much up!! So - I'll comment on all of them....that's just how I roll.

Callie is going to be great. I seriously am just so happy for her and her choice to do this. It will bless her and her family beyond belief! Super cute pics of you guys.

Brett said...

I think it's funny that you update Callie's mission blog every week, but the last post on yours is when she LEFT.

Tara said...

She's had the example of a good big sis.


Anonymous said...

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