Monday, August 23, 2010

breaking in the RV

We finally found a Friday that would work with everyone and we did it!! It was raining as we packed up the camper but we tried to be positive and kept going. We left Thurs evening and stayed for 2 nights. We went up to Granite Flats campground and it was beautiful and NOT hot.

Morgan's fish coming in.
This is the view above Tible Fork

wanted their picture taken on this huge rock by the bathrooms

on our trip Morgan discovered that she had her first loose tooth and was soooo excited!!

Just outside our trailer

sleep head Minnow

gotta have one of these

Anson was casting and hooking fish all by himself. I was soooo proud of him. We ended up with catching about 15 fish and released them all. They were small but fun.

These ducks were a little too friendly and would not leave us alone!

Mitch and I decided to take fotos of ourselves why we waited for the fish to bite

my favorite shot!

Silver Flat Lake

Mitch reeled in his first fish

3 little campers

ta-da! We had a great time and can't wait to do it again.