Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 years old

They sure grow fast is all I can say. She has been on the count down for her birthday for about the last 8 months and it FINALLY came. Her favorite present was some lip gloss that Anson gave her. (still very easy to please). Morgan has been a joy in our home, she is the happy one that laughs and sings and danced ALL the time. She says the funniest things that we are always laughing. She has been telling me for the last year that when she turns 5 she will wipe her own bum. So stay tuned..... We love you Morgan

I guess I really stressed for nothing cause her cake turned out pretty good I think! She had to have Hello Kitty.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An extra special Father's Day

This Father's Day we will remember for years to come. Not only do we have a great father for our little family, but now he will be a great father to our ward. Aaron was sustained as Bishop on Father's Day. It was an emotional day and with alot of mixed feelings we bid farewell to our awesome Bishop Searle we have had for 7 years.

I just have to say that I am very proud of Aaron. He has come a long way from when we first met in 96. I was with him when he got ordained a Priest and then again when he took out his endowments and again when we were sealed. :) Aaron has a great love for the youth and will be a great Bishop! I love you Aaron.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the zoo....again!

My kids LOVE the zoo so this time we took our friends the Jones and the Browns with us. It was perfect weather and if you haven't seen the bird's a must see!
the giraffe's are our favorite!

eating from the same bowl

swooping over the crowd.

the biggest bird ever!!

all together

just Morgan

majestic and gorgeous!

snake slide

Anson the turtle

all aboard

Fruits of my labor

So we are finally harvesting from our spring garden that we started in May and I just have to say how proud I am of my little garden. Most of it I have never done before .... and yes, this excites me. Just look how pretty it all is! yuuummmy!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Safety Kit

Anson came to me the other day and told me he had made his own "safety kit". I asked him what that was and explained everything he had put in his school pack pack. I must say I am pretty impressed and glad he is paying attention to what I have been trying to do.

He included his scriptures, a flashlight, his telescope, Morgan's play cell phone, a water bottle, a blanket and a McDonald's toy....then he added Morgan's guide book she made in school called "What did the caterpillar eat?" I can only assume that the book will help him find food in a survival situation.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Last day of 1st grade

The last day of school Anson wanted me to be there so of course I took my camera and when I got it out, everyone wanted their photo taken with Anson. I was kinda funny. Thank heavens for the 'delete' button. He has made some good friends and they will be missed over the summer.

When the last bell rang, the secretary came over the announcements and said, "last one out is a rotten egg!" The kids ran screaming for the doors. It was pretty funny. Also walking out the doors with all the crazy kids were 4 boys a year older than Anson who were CRYING and hugging each other cause their school year of fun was over and they wouldn't see each other every day anymore.
Ahhhh, the last day of school.......

Anson's teacher, Mrs. Miner.

Anson's little crush through the last 2 years, Bonnie.

Justin has also been his best friend for 2 years.