Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A whole new look!

Yeah! I know 2 posts in one day. Go me. We finally got our new sectional delivered after about 3 weeks of waiting. (Lucy had to be de clawed first) We gave away our old couches and sold the lovely blue chair on KSL and got this.......... Now we can all sit on the same couch!

the day has come...

I was laughing when I took this foto but I also felt so sorry for her. Lucy got fixed and de-clawed at the same time! She now wears the cone of shame and it's funny cause she cant hear the best with it on so she is really easy to scar. They shaved her belly and she is dying to clean herself but can't reach. Poor kitty.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

8 years old

I really can't believe that my little boy has turned 8 already! The thought puts me in a bit of a panic, wondering if I have taught him enough and is he ready to be accountable when he is baptized next month. Anyway, this birthday is a special one in more ways than one, not only does he get baptized but he has started cub scouts and is sooo excited to finally be in there with his friends.
Also this is the first year he gets a "friend" birthday party. So we took 5 extra boys plus our crew and went bowling. They had a great time. The bowling alley gave him a real bowling pin that says "happy birthday Anson" and all the kids signed it. We had pizza, cake and ice cream.
And this lovely cake was my attempt to make a lego cake! Awsome!