Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lehi Miniture Float Parade

Our ward makes a float every year for the last week of June for the Lehi Round Up week. For the past couple of years we have placed very high in the judging. We have taken first place, Sweepstakes and this year, 2nd. The theme was "Remember your first taste of ..." and we chose freedom. We made out of paper mache a VW bug, hippy style that was broken down and falling apart. We even had it smoking out the back.

this tree was my favorite. It was sooo cute.

These floats usually take every sat. plus more toward the end for about 2 months.

It's alot of hard work and time but we were very proud of our little car. My kids also walked in the parade with Aaron and I.


Melissa said...

This is unbelievably cute! One of the best floats I've ever seen....way to go Babcocks!

Norma said...

This was the CUTEST float!! We are very proud of CV2 float